meet alysia
Monday, March 19th, 2007 10:24 PM PDT

Greetings and thank you for finding your way to my site!

Within the pages of my website you will find what I hope to be, inspirations that help to further ignite your passion to be alive, to receive and to give, to be loving and transforming your world, our world into a sacred expression of compassion in action. As you experience the contents of these pages, it is my sincere hope and intention that the expressions of my collective creativity are in direct response to something I have witnessed, experienced or perceived in communion with life; be that seen or unseen. Many of us have been moved by the presence of another in an endless array of human emotions. For me, at the heart of the milieu of human expression there often is an inexplicable calling that pulls my heart and, in essence, activates my soul to make an offering that I cannot not make. This is my way, these prayers made visible.