Monday, March 19th, 2007 10:02 PM PDT
Creating a Spiritbox allows me, through this medium, a way to celebrate the union of Spirit, soul and matter of a person for whom it is intended. As well, they are intended to be like a template, to be modified, expanded and added to, by whomever receives it. A person begins by presenting to me via a symbolic image, what they feel represents the Infinite within them.
That can be an image of Jesus, Quan Yin, a rock, a Buddha, a leaf, a feather, whatever they are moved by. Sometimes a person will ask for my assistance with this process. As in cases where the commission is a gift for another and the sense of an image is unknown, I use my intuition to guide me to the symbolic image felt to be most suitable. In all cases, I then attune to the person's essence for which the Spiritbox is for. I don't need much information other than the image as well as the person's name. I then begin to gather materials that coalesce to form the box, the outer chamber that is the container for the symbolic Infinite, or Divine Holy of Holies within.
Spritiboxes are a kind of instrument that initiates a quality of resounding, or recalling to one's inner sanctuary, their temenos. Within the Spiritbox is an altar that is the Table Rasa where you can place your offerings, prayers, devotion in recognition to all that which is you.
This inner altar of the Spiritbox is the place/space where you symbolically are placing what you are willingly offering to be transformed and transmuted by Spirit. It is an external exercise and practice correspondingly reflecting an internal alchemy. Unique and one of a kind, the structure or architecture of the box is purposefully made of collected objects that were lost and discovered, discarded and mended, neglected and revered, unwound and restrung.
As well, they contain intentional artifacts such as a key, a handless watch face, a bell, a candle, a broom, bowls, and a small pitcher for water offerings. The Spiritbox in its entirety, is designed to bring together seemingly disparate objects, but experienced as a whole, it reflects metaphorically our lives. We equally are comprised of disparate artifacts, within our stories, and the remnants of our life's journey. It is my passion to illustrate that the presence of the Sacred as fulcrum can transform what was lost to found, what was curse to blessing, allowing the transmutation of a life's journey from separation to hope. A Spiritbox can become a place to commune with the Divine within, helping to transform the ordinary to the extraordinary by the daily practice of being a living prayer in action.