Monday, March 19th, 2007 10:04 PM PDT
When I started singing into a hairbrush at the age of three, my parents decided that perhaps I might want to learn how to play the piano as well. A 1983 graduate of Ithaca College School of Music, I have been practicing as a healer, teacher, singer and songwriter for more than twenty years. I now live in Washington State with my great love and our two sons. All of what I do, really, has to do with a quality of prayer; a way of acknowledging my passion for the Sacred and its' ability to transform humanity, to inspire my life and heart. We are here only as long as there is a world safe for children" is the central slogan behind the formation of the Bon Future Fund, a non profit Trust created to provide higher education for these Indigenous children of Tibet living as refugees in India and Nepal. To learn more about the Bon and this exciting educational fund, please visit